Hudson Valley Farmhouse Scrumpy

Unfiltered. Naturally fermented. Bottled alive! Cloudy and naturally effervescent.

Must be kept cold or refrigerated   – Seasonal
4.5% ABV
6/Half Gallon Growlers          Sixtel          Half Keg

Hudson Valley Farmhouse Traditional

Sparkling, semi-dry, with a complex flavor profile. Made with a blend of robust cider apples.
6.8% ABV
12/750 ml Bottles          12/375 ml Bottles          Sixtel

Hudson Valley Farmhouse™ Traditional - Bourbon Barrel Aged

This bourbon barrel-aged cider is matured in small batches

in cooperage from local distiller, Hillrock Estate Distillery.

This cider exemplifies the robust tradition of aging ciders in casks. 

Earthy and masculine, with smoky caramel notes.
6.9% ABV

Maeve's™ Hudson Valley Cider
This classic pub cider is off-dry, golden, delicately dry, and refreshing.
Strongly floral with a light citrus note,
reminiscent of orange peel or blossom.
6.5% ABV
24/12 oz Bottles           Sixtel          Half Keg

God Speed the Plough

A blend of Dabinett and heirloom Hudson Valley apple varieties with 2% residual sugar.
Lightly filtered, effervescent, fragrant and fruity, with a little French kiss. 
6.9% ABV
12/500 ml Bottles           Sixtel

Hudson Valley Organic Winesap Cider

100% organic winesap. Bottle conditioned. Unfiltered.  –Limited release.
6.9% ABV
12/500 ml Bottles           Sixtel