Cider making at the farm

Ecoologically Grown Apples

Where to find our products

We make soft and hard cider from our own apples!

Our farmers market at Stone Ridge Orchard in Stone Ridge NY,

is open Fri-Sun seasonally. For more

We are at many GrowNYC 

Greenmarkets, including Union Square, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Our cider is also poured at farm-to-table bars and restaurants in NYC and the Hudson Valley. We are one of the participants of Cider Week:

Ecologically grown means grown on family farms; by stewards of land, water and wildlife; using natural methods and minimal spray; closing the distance from farm to table. Ecological farming covers a spectrum of environmental and conservation practices including organic, biodynamic, and advanced integrated pest management (IPM). 

Our Kickstarter Campaign to Plant an Heirloom Cider Apple Orchard at Stone Ridge Orchard was successful!